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Post Election Thank You

by alexanderehmann on 12 June, 2014

Cllrs Ehmann, Acton and Khosa celebrate their election victory with Lib Dem Group Leader, Cllr Stephen Knight

(pictured left to right) Lib Dem Group Leader, Cllr Stephen Knight and Cllr Ehmann, Cllr Acton and Cllr Khosa celebrate their triple election victory in St Margaret’s and North Twickenham

In the immediate aftermath of an election it’s all to easy to move onto the next challenge or to simply focus on getting up to speed with the vast array of things that start to have a call on your time.  Rest assured that I’m doing all that important work, but I didnt want to miss out a simple, yet important message.

“Thank you.”

You will hopefully know by now that while results across the Borough were not quite what we had hoped for – here in St Margaret’s and North Twickenham, you elected three Liberal Democrat Councillors.  On behalf of my colleagues, Cllr Geoff Acton, Cllr Ben Khosa and myself – we wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to all our local residents.

Whether you helped us by taking part in the campaign, simply talking with us about the issues on the doorstep or by casting that all important vote in our favour – we wanted to let you know how proud we are to have been given the chance to serve the people of St Margaret’s and North Twickenham.

Rest assured that we will ensure that we will represent the interests of everyone in the ward and to that end I will be trying to keep residents informed with our work via this website, our regular newsletters and our soon to be announced programme of surgeries.  As always, should you have any issues, feedback or general comments, please do contact me on the details available on this website.  I lool forward to working with many of you over the coming years!

Cllr Alexander Ehmann

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